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Consejos a la hora de viajar:

Consejos a la hora de viajar en Buses Brasil
  • Distances between cities are big: don´t forget to take your ipod (or something to read).
  • It is always good to take overnight buses: you can save money and time as you skip a night in a hostel and you don´t lose a day when traveling.
  • Bus stations in Brazil are called Rodoviárias
  • Rodoviarias offer many services. Consider having lunch or using the toilet before leaving or when arriving. In some places it may take a while to arrive to your hostel.
  • When you arrive to a bus station (rodoviária), try not to display your valuables (camera, cell phone, etc.).
  • It´s always useful to ask somebody about your destination. Even if you don´t speak a word of Portuguese, it´s always easy to find out where the 'centro' (downtown) is.
  • Don´t get anxious if there´s a lot of people offering taxis: Find out first about a reasonable cost for your trip and then arrange the payment beforehand with the taxi driver, or if it is a metered taxi then make sure they use it.
  • Consider using the local bus services. It´s much cheaper than taxi and also more fun!
  • Your big backpack will be put under the bus in a storage compartment by one of the companies' employees. It is expected that you give these employees a couple of coins as a tip, and this will ensure better treatment of your bag.
  • When the employee takes your bag they will give you a small receipt which you must produce to collect your bag at your destination. Put it somewhere you will remember!
  • Do not keep your valuables in your big backpack when you are traveling on a bus as this bag will be out of your sight. Locks for your bag are always good! Keep your passport and valuables with you in your carry-on bag.
  • Although it happens rarely in Brazil, you are safer keeping your carry-on bag between your legs and not in the over-heads.
  • Always be wary of your bags in the terminals!
  • Travel with something warm in case they run the air conditioning too strong. Even if it is hot as hell outside!
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