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Travel by bus to Florianopolis in Brazil!

Backpacking Florianopolis

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Florianopolis is one of the most popular backpacking destinations on the southern coast of Brazil. Many backpackers arrive here from other parts of Brazil and find it really worth spending a few days to enjoy its great beaches. "Floripa", as it is otherwise known, is a big island connected to continental Brazil by a famous bridge called Hercilio Luz. 

Florianopolis is also the name of the city found on the island, which hosts nice hostels and restaurants. But the most interesting part of the island are the more than 40 outstanding beaches that promise fun and relaxation for backpackers. In the north part of the island you can visit the popular 'Ingleses', a wide beach filled with nice bars and frequent parties. You may also wish to visit Jurerê Internacional, one of the most visited beaches and Canasvieiras with its calm sea and a great nightlife. 

Inside the island you´ll also find two marvelous lakes called Lagoa do Peri (fresh water) and Lagoa da Conceição (salted water), as well as nice dunes and small islands. Ilha do Campeche is a great island that can be reached by boat from Florianopolis. Its beautiful nature and clear water are perfect for snorkeling and diving. If you are not shy around nudity and naturalist beaches then don´t hesitate to visit Praia Galheta. Its a calm and comfortable area. Finally, the best beaches for surfing are Praia Mole and  Praia Joaquina on the Eastern side of the island, Ingleses do Vermelho in the Northern part, and campeche in the Southern part. 

There are also many incredible places off the island on continental Brazil that are great to visit. In the north you should try bombas and bombinhas, two beautiful beaches where it is possible to enjoy snorkeling, diving and surfing. Cuatro islas is also a tremendous place to consider for surf lovers.

If you go south of Florianopolis, there are many other interesting places to visit. For example Garopaba, a striking bay with nice beaches great for surfing. Close to Garopaba there are two stunning beaches with incredible nightlife called Ferrugem and Praia do Rosa. Enjoy their great bars and parties and you´ll never forget your visit to this part of Brazil.

Don´t be surprised if you decide to stay more than what you have planned in Florianopolis. The great beaches invite a longer stay, and with Green Toad Bus we'll help you have the best backpacking experience in Brazil. 

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Playas & Cataratas Hop

Playas & Cataratas Hop

Pase Bus: Rio de Janeiro a Foz do Iguacu (via Paraty, Sao Paulo & Florianopolis) -Frequencia: Salidas diarias -No Minimo de Personas: 1 -Tiemp...


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Cataratas & Playas Hop

Cataratas & Playas Hop

Pase Bus: Foz do Iguacu a Rio de Janeiro (via Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, & Paraty). - Frecuencia: Salidas diarias. - Tiempo Mínimo recomendado: 11...


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