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About Transfers

Here is how you make your trip to the Iguazu falls easy.

Book a private transfer from the airport or your hotel to the Argentine side of the falls.  After your visit the driver will take you to your hotel . or airport according to the city, hotel, or airport you need to be dropped off in.


Below is info to help you understand how to time your visit to the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls.

Argentine Park Opening Hours

The park opens at 08:00am, and closes at 18:00pm.

If you have limited time, the recommended minimum time to spend in the national park is 5 hours walking briskly.

Recommended time for your visit where you can enjoy them at a casual pace and do boat trip is 7 - 8 hrs.

If you have domestic flights after the falls, we recommend you arrive at least 1 hour before departure.


Meeting your Driver Again After your Falls Visit

When you arrive to the entrance of the falls, you and the driver will decide on the time and place to meet after your falls visit.  If you have luggage, the driver will show you where the luggage storage room is at the entrance to the park, and you are responsible for storing them there.


Average Drive Times

Between Foz do Iguacu Downtown Hotels & Entrance to Argentine Falls = 2 hours.

Between Argentine Falls Entrance & Foz do Iguacu Airport = 2.5 hours.

Between Puerto Iguazu Downtown Hotels & Argentine Falls Entrance = 30 min.

Between Argentine Falls Entrance & Puerto Iguazu Airport = 30 min.


Border Procedures

If crossing the border, the driver will show you where to do immigration procedures on the Brazil side. On the Argentine side the driver may take your passports and do the immigration procedures for you.

You are responsible for having your documents in order. 

Transfers to Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls

Transport to the Argentina side of Iguazu falls
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