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Sand boarding Huacachina
Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu
Hike and Bike Inca jungle
Uyuni Salt Flats
Rio Beaches
Iguazu falls Day trip
South America trip | March,14 2012

Traveling solo? With Green Toad Bus you are never alone!

Traveling solo? With Green Toad Bus you are never alone!
Surfing Lima Sun Island, Lake Titicaca Sao Paulo Skyline Rio De Janeiro

As a young blond female from the United States without any backpacking experience, I had my cautions and concerns. What if something went wrong? I could miss a bus/flight, get robbed, be homeless, or never make it back to the states alive! (I have a vivid imagination with the help of my concerned family and friends.)

The first five weeks of my journey were life changing.  I surfed in Lima, went sand boarding in Huacachina, did the jungle trek to Machu Picchu, soaked up the sun at Isla del Sol in Lake Titikaka, made lifelong friendships in La Paz, saw the salt flats in Uyuni, stayed in the highest city in the world in Potosi, danced the night away in Sao Paulo, and went to the biggest party on Earth at Carnaval 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.  I experienced perfectly planned excursions, hostels, and bus rides while exploring and making new friends from all over the globe.  What I was not able to book directly with the Green Toad Bus, I booked on my own using their recommendations.  

To be honest, things did go wrong!  That is part of the adventure!  But what matters is how you deal with a situation when it does, and that is where Green Toad Bus came in handy the most...  

After expending all the energy in my body at Carnaval, I missed my bus from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls.  I sat in the bus terminal in a panic. "What about my day trip planned to the falls? What about my hostel booking? Would I make it to Buenos Aires in time to catch my flight to Patagonia?" Before I let myself emotionally breakdown, I went to an internet cafe and signed on to the Green Toad Bus account.  To my delight, someone was on their chat network to listen to me freak out and give me carefully explained, thorough advice on what I could do to stay on schedule and not miss anything I booked.  It may sound silly, but that night, I felt like they saved my life.  I was all by myself, no phone, stuck in Rio without a bus, and if it werenīt for the Green Toad Bus, I donīt know what I would have done.

Not only did I get a bus that night, but I managed to only miss one night in my hostel on the Brazilian side of the falls which the Green toad Bus helped me cancel.  Upon my arrival to Foz do Iguacu I was greeted by another member of the Green Toad Bus team and was offered a shower, breakfast, and the comfort of new friends.  My trip to the falls was everything I expected and more, and with a fearless attitude and the positivity from the first half of my trip, the rest of my travels to Argentina and Uruguay continued to delight and amaze me.

Two months is not a lot of time to see five countries, but with the helpful planning and organization of the Green Toad Bus and the tools available on their website, I was able to have the trip of a lifetime!

By Greer Lanzet - New York, USA



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