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Salt Flats Hop

Salt Flats Hop

Travel Pass from La Paz to Uyuni and back to La Paz - Frequency: Daily Departures (except between Dec 23 - Jan 09) - Minimum No. of People: 1 - ...


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Bolivia to Chile Hop

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Uyuni Jeep Tour and Buses | February,11 2014

The Salt Flats Bolivia with the Toad - Review by Nicolle White

The Salt Flats Bolivia with the Toad - Review by Nicolle White

If you have seen photos of your friends running from dinosaurs and looking like something straight out of 'Honey, I shrunk the kids' then chances are your friends are not stars in a 90's movie, but have jumped on a Uyuni salt flats tour in Bolivia. The salt flats are famous for a lack of depth perception allowing visitors to create ridiculous photos with mini humans to brag about on Facebook.

We organised our trip online before we got to Bolivia. We were heading from La Paz to Uyuni so as to spend three days traveling around the Salar de Uyuni and taking in all it's natural beauty before heading back to La Paz. Green Toad set everything up for us including our bus transfers, meaning all we had to do was rock up to the bus stop in La Paz and everything was then taken care of for us. After days of trying to navigate through strikes and broken down buses in order to arrive in La Paz, with a Spanish vocabulary consisting only of the word 'salut' we were pretty thankful for the ease of which Green Toad Bus made the whole trip.

View of one of the Volcanos

The bus to Uyuni had us travelling like kings, which was unexpected given the poor reputation of Bolivian buses. The bus had movies (in English!), hot dinner and drinks, a breakfast largely made up of Oreos and the holy grail- WiFi, not to mention comfortable seats that you can actually score a decent sleep in.

We arrived in Uyuni and changed straight from our bus into our jeep which would be bouncing us around to our destinations for the next few days. For the start of the day we had a few touristy stops at the train graveyard and seeing how salt was made before heading to the salt flats themselves.


The salt flats were other worldly, everyone in the tour commented on feeling as if they were on a different planet. The dry part of the flats is perfect for having fun with photos, our driver provided us with a few props to play around with and also was a bonafide photographer for the whole group too, having mastered the angles way better than we could. I would definitely recommend trying to visit Bolivia in the wet season so you can also experience the wet part of the salt flats. The thin covering of water on the salt creates a stunning reflection of the sky and mountains surrounding. Be aware whatever you are wearing at this point is going to end up completely covered in salt.

See other fun photos by other Green Toaders in Uyuni on our Facebook page here:


Like all other meals on the tour, dinner that night was a delicious ending to the day, with cake and some drinks included, which definitely is not the case on most tours I've been involved with.

The next day was a huge day of driving from one amazing sight to the next. Our driver was fantastic. I've read  online a lot of complaints about other tours of the salt flats which mention the poor quality of driving, thanks to drink driving being common enough to basically be considered a pastime in Bolivia. Our driver thankfully, was never drinking which made us all feel super comfortable as we bounced up and down the sand dunes in our jeep. There was plenty to see on the second day, highlights being lakes swarming with flamingos. Lake Colorada is a stunning pink lake, heaps of volcanoes and smelly geysers around 5000 metres above sea level. The day ended perfectly, in natural hot springs with a complimentary bottle of wine.

Jumping on the Salt Flats Bolivia

On the final day we visited Laguna Verde before dropping off a few passengers at the Chilean border. You have the option to either use the tour as a much more entertaining bus ride to get into Chile or you can head back to Uyuni from there.

The Bolivian salt flats are not to be missed, and organising the tour through Green Toad Bus company made the experience both easy and enjoyable.


This trip review & photos was sent in by Nicolle White from Australia.




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