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Chilean Food | September,22 2011

Chilean Good Eats

Chilean Good Eats

In Chile eating well implies that you make the most of the huge selection and excellent quality of seafood as well as locally produced farming products. Although looking for traditional meals and specialties of each region you visit is obviously part of the journey, usually there are some dishes that you can discover practically everywhere you go.

Empanadas are snack-sized turnovers stuffed with beef, cheese, or shellfish, and are generally a standard feature of day to day life in Chile. Fresh-baked bread, in many variations can be found in local panaderias (bakeries) even in the tiniest villages and the big selection of first-class sandwiches provides excellent, quick meals.

Chile's fish and shellfish are absolutely incomparable in range and quality. mussels, clams, urchins, oysters, scallops, salmon and sea bass - the never ending variety of seafood goes on and on, and an early morning trip to fish markets found all over the country are surely an awesome sensory adventure. Paila marina is a delightful shellfish stew obtainable all over the country.

North American and European tourists will discover the quality of beef offered here to be considerably superior to what they may be familiar with. Asados (BBQ) and parilladas (mixed grill) are incredibly common and easily available. And we can't forget the common hot dog: Chileans love them and love to dab almost anything on them including a delightful avocado mush mix!

Last but not least, also the most insatiable sweet-tooth is going to be pleased by locally produced italian-style ice cream (helado) and deserts made using dulce de leche.  From north to south, Chilean cuisine really is as assorted and unforeseen as the country's striking landscape!



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