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Chile to Bolivia Hop

Chile to Bolivia Hop

Travel Pass from San Pedro to La Paz (via Uyuni) - Frequency: Daily Departures - Recommended minimum duration: 4 days - Route: San Pedro de Ataca...


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Uyuni Backpacking Jeep Tour


Chile to Bolivia Jeep Tour | July,05 2011

San Pedro to Uyuni: Backpacking Adventure

San Pedro to Uyuni: Backpacking Adventure

One of the best ways to explore the planet is by going on backpacking adventures and discovering spots and scenery which you may not have imagined possible. A rising star in the backpacking circuit, South America is a top destination to explore. And if you?re heading to Chile and Bolivia then one of the best ways to cross the border between the two is to travel the route from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni.

If you're going to travel this route you can truly expect spectacular sights like you've never seen or believed existed. The salt flats of Uyuni are absolutely incredible and, as they disappear on the horizon, you'll be awed by the sheer vastness of the scenery. The area was created when an ancient sea evaporated, leaving a vast area of salt sediment as a constant reminder of the past. In addition, due to the expansive size of the area and the completely level terrain, you'll even be able to spy the Earth's natural curvature; a stunning sight that you will remember forever. Meanwhile, a coral lake in the midst of the flats is also a great destination to explore, and with cacti hundreds of years old towering into the sky it is a landscape like no other.


If you're travelling this route there are few important tips to consider before leaving ensuring that you can get the most out of your time away. In addition to the salt flats there are other locations you will be visiting such as hot springs, and the Laguna Verde (Green Lake). Some of these areas are only accessible via jeep tours departing from San Pedro The trips can take up to three days in length so it's important that you bring extra cash with you as, whilst most of the excursions are inclusive of food and accommodation, you may need money to pay for extra services and you may find the ATM machine in Uyuni not working when you arrive. It can get extremely cold at night so it is important to bring warm clothes, sleeping bag and many guesthouses will charge you extra for hot water to shower in; a must if you want to stay fresh but not catch a cold due to plummeting temperatures. Meanwhile, during the rainy season the salt flats become very wet, and due to their intense salinity can ruin shoes. Therefore it is a good idea to take both sneakers and flip flops so that you can interchange footwear as necessary.


It is also essential that you take a good camera as you'll be seeing many sights in only a few days and thereforeare likely to take hundreds of photos. You can buy cameras online fairly cheaply if you need to get new equipment and you should ensure that you have extra memory cards and batteries with you. Batteries are particularly important as guesthouses will charge you to power up cameras off of their mains.  


Taking advantage of this stunning route will offer you the perfect way to travel from San Pedro to Uyuni whilst exploring some of the most unique landscape on the planet. And by making an effort to experience the journey you'll have tales and stories to share for the rest of your life.



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