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Argentine Visa Information | January,08 2013

Argentina Visa information for Australians, Americans, and Canadians

Argentina Visa information for Australians, Americans, and Canadians

The Argentine Government have just announced a new Reciprocity Visa Fee, which is a new entrance tax for people travelling with Australian and Canadian passports and wish to cross the border into Argentina. Previously this fee was only enforced for entry to Argentine airports on an international flight, but now has been extended to all land border crossings as well. The tax/visa is being described as a response to similar taxes being imposed by the governments of Australia and Canada on Argentine citizens.

Update: US Citizens no longer require to pay the reciprocity fee as of 2016

As of the 7th of January 2013,  if you are an Australian or Canadian you must pay to enter Argentina online using a credit card before you arrive to the country's borders. You will not be able to pay for the entrance at the border! Advanced registration and payment only folks!

How much is an Argentina Reciprocity Fee?

The amount of fee to be paid varies between the countries. Also, the duration the visa lasts before a new payment is required to enter Argentina again also varies.

How much Australians have to pay? Citizens of Australia are required to pay $100 USD and can enter as many times as they want within a 1 year period.

How much do Canadians have to pay?  If you are a citizen of Canada you will need to pay either $75 USD for the right to enter the country and re-enter again as many time as you like over a period of 3 months from neighbouring countries.

Canadians who are likely to travel to Argentina regularly can opt to pay $150 USD for multiple entry over 5 years.

How do you get the Argentina Visa and pay online?

Luckily you can apply for this visa in advance and pay online with a credit card so as not to spend valuable US hard currency at the border (keep what you have for emergencies). You will just have to show your receipt which you will need to print from the online registration process, along with your passport at immigration control to get the visa for entry.

When we say lucky, thats if you know about this in advance, have a spare $100 - $160 USD available, own an accepted credit card that works on their system, can get internet access and an available printer to complete the procedure - if not then this is not good news for backpackers at all!

Although it is now a necessary evil for those wishing to cross into Argentina, we will at least attempt here to dumb down the process of obtaining the Argentina Visa for you so you do not have to try and interpret the over cooked information on the Argentine immigration website and the grade school screen shots.

1. First you have to register your details at:

If you are Australian or Canadian the only confusing part about this registering are the 2 boxes they have for you to input your passport number.  The first box is for putting the letter(s) at the beginning of your passport number in.

2. You will need to pay using a credit card, and after your payment is processed, print the receipt.

3. After completing the form and payment your details will shoot off to the immigration data base ready to be validated at the border. Upon arrival to the Argentine border control, you need to present the printed receipt along with your passport.

5. The receipt will be scanned by immigration staff and the data will be validated to enable entry to Argentina.

6. Keep your receipt with your passport at all times, and if you are planning to exit Argentina you will have to present it to be allowed in again.


Important - Save your username and password, because if you need to enter the system later to check details or re-print your receipt you will need them.

Please remember:

The validity of your multi-entrance visa begins from the time you make the registration and not the date you enter the country. So if you are wanting to use your visa for the entirety of its validity life, we suggest you make the registration and payment as close to the date of entry as possible.

You are able to edit your details you registered after you save the info just incase you were tipsy when filling it out!

Important (especially for our Green Toad Hoppers): If you are taking a bus across a border from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay or Bolivia into Argentina, then save yourself a lot of hassle at the Argentine customs by getting the registration receipt in advance or face the real possibility of being left at the border!

Pass this information to as many fellow travellers from Australia and Canada as possible when you meet them on the road because this new tax hasn't been widely publicized by the Argentine government and a  lot of unknowing people will be getting a shock at Argentine border controls.



Green Toad Bus | 07 de mayo

Hi Jonathan, go to this link and try to log-in again with the user and password you chose: Hopefully you print your receipt from there!

Jonathan Monnich | 06 de mayo

I processed everything needed in February, received a receipt. I have lost the receipt and need another copy to enter Argentina, how do I get another copy?

Stephen Olliver | 10 de enero

Thank-you so much for your advice. I did go to the website you suggested, logged in, and was able to print the receipts. You and the other people at Green Toad have been extremely helpful since we first contacted you. It is very much appreciated.

Green Toad Bus | 10 de enero

I think you are able to log-in again using the password and username you chose. Try that at this site and see if it tells you anything: If this doesn't help maybe try calling your bank and asking if the payment went through. Hope this helps!

Stephen Olliver | 09 de enero

I filled out the forms, gave my credit card number, sent it in. Then it said that the contact had been broken off because too much time had elapsed. I don't know if I've paid or not. I don't have a receipt. What should I do now?



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